Identity and
Access Management

Indigo Consulting has been helping enterprises in streamline their Identity and Access Management (IAM), Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions since 1997.

We specialize in designing and implementing complex Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions that are scalable, flexible and secure.

We offer your customers and employees a secure and seamless experience across all devices and platforms anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for identity and access management systems, complex business solutions or industry expertise in implementing complex business solutions, we can reduce your time-to-market with agile and flexible Identity solutions that cater to your business and customer needs.

Indigo's Approach

We assist you through your IAM journey – and we are recognized as a key advisor and a system integrator from the beginning to the end.

We Are Business Oriented

Experience our value-based services that focus on helping you achieve your business vision, goals, and objectives through actionable milestones.

We Are Services and Standards Driven

Getting your products and services to market on time takes a proven team. Leverage our expertise to implement agile and flexible solutions that will reduce your time-to-market.

We Use DevOps and Agile Methodology

Your company needs the right systems in place. We help you implement consistent solutions that are goals-driven, secure, and designed to simplify deployment.

About Indigo Consulting

We have decades of experience working with our customers in diversified industries such as insurance, banking, telecom, manufacturing, education, and in the public sector. 

Our internationally-recognized company has offices in Montreal, Toronto, and Chicago.

The Indigo team consists of more than 35 dedicated consultants working with companies throughout North America.

We Understand Your Challenges

Identity Access Management is a complex area. Your business can’t afford to make compliance mistakes around personal data, privacy and consent considering the strict laws and regulations globally.

Our accredited experts work to deliver proven solutions through every step of their relationship with your company.

Meet Our Technology & Strategic Partners

We work with the leading IAM technology partners to build next-generation solutions.

We Are

Indigo Consulting can help you streamline the creation and implementation of new Identity strategy, deployment and integration of the IAM platform, implementation of Cloud managed services, and other critical components of your business.

We have decades of experience helping organizations to implement solutions that directly respond to their critical business needs.

Tap into Indigo Consulting’s decades of experience.

See how we can help you transform your business.