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Ping Identity is a software company that specializes in identity management solutions, providing a suite of products including PingID for multi-factor authentication, PingFederate for single sign-on capabilities, PingOne for cloud identity, PingAccess for access management, PingDirectory for identity storage, PingAuthorize for policy-based access control, and PingIntelligence for AI-powered cyber threat detection.

About Ping Identity

Ping makes digital identity management easy

Embrace a frictionless experience and unlock the full potential of the Ping technology ecosystem for your workforce and customer IAM needs. Ping is the go-to partner for all things digital identity, managing over 3 billion identities and 50% of the Fortune 100.

Indigo Consulting

A trusted Ping technology partner

Indigo Consulting is a proud Ping Technology Partner with decades of combined experience with large deployments, integrations, roadmapping IAM solutions, migrations, and more. We’ve built an implementation methodology based on best practices to ensure projects are delivered on time and stay focused on helping our clients meet their cybersecurity goals.

Ping Technology Partner

Ping + Indigo Consulting capabilities

Indigo Consulting works directly with Ping to improve the way your employees and customers gain authorization and access to your services by blending a seamless user experience with the highest levels of security.


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Ping Identity

Ping solutions by industry

Ping is the trusted solution for the largest companies in the Fortune 100, including financial services, healthcare, retailers, aerospace, manufacturing, and government agencies.

Provide your employees and customers with enterprise-grade security and a seamless user experience. We can help you build trust with customers, eliminate clunky user experiences, and ensure you're doing everything possible to protect sensitive information.

Stay ahead of rapidly evolving trends in healthcare and ensure HIPAA compliance without impacting the patient experience. Ping’s technology ecosystem has everything you need to provide easy and secure access.

Put the digital experience first with a technology stack that balances security, convenience, and the user journey. We help retailers turn customer identity into a powerful tool to increase sales, combat fraud, and boost security.

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