Privilege Access Management

Keep your Privileged Accounts in the right hands

Protect your organization from bad actors by ensuring only the right people have access to your privileged accounts.

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Safeguard Privileged Access in your organization

Your business relies on privileged accounts to make vital changes to your services, platforms, and other critical business functions. But keeping these privileged accounts in the right hands is a challenge.

Indigo Consulting can help your business identify, implement, and streamline Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions that are customized to your needs, ensuring you always have full control of your high-level accounts.


Here’s what Indigo Consulting can do for you

Managed Services

Turn-key management for your privileged accounts

Keep bad actors out and safeguard your privileged accounts by partnering with an expert in Identity and Access Management. Our managed services manage everything from account provisioning, defining security policies for privileged accounts, and ongoing monitoring.

  • Maintain full visibility into who has access to privileged accounts
  • Manage privileged credentials at scale for both human and non-human identities
  • Ensure your PAM solutions and integrations are optimized and ready to support your business
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Identify the weak points in your privileged accounts

Preventing unauthorized access can make all the difference during a breach. Our team can assess your current state of privileged access, recommend best-in-class solutions, and help you navigate complex software deployments and integrations.

  • Explore best-in-class solutions for IAM, PAM, and CIAM
  • Develop a holistic PAM program that supports your use cases
  • Bridge the gap between security and user experience
We Have Decades of Expertise

The Indigo focus

Identity Access Management

Give your business the boost it needs with our IAM and PAM solutions that are designed specifically to address your unique use cases.

Advisory & Consulting

Keep up with major security, governance, risk management, and compliance changes in your industry with our consulting and advisory services.

Managed Services

Stay on top of your industry with managed services by Indigo Consulting. We make it easy for you to develop, adopt, and scale cloud technologies.

Streamline the way you manage
your Privileged Accounts

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