Keep Your Privileged
Accounts in the
Right Hands

We Are Privileged Access Management Experts

Your business relies on privileged accounts that have elevated access and privileges to make vital changes to your critical services, platforms and business functions.
But keeping these privileged accounts in the right hands is a challenge. Indigo Consulting can help you in identifying or implementing new PAM solutions or streamlining existing PAM solutions that are customized to your business needs.

We Are

You can’t afford to let your privileged accounts fall into the wrong hands.

We work with your organization to implement PAM solutions that keep you in control of your privileged accounts with elevated access and privileges.

How Do We Do This?

Indigo Consulting focuses on creating PAM solutions that are customized to your needs. Privileged accounts have access to the most critical data, information, services and assets of an organization. We design and integrate, including:
  • Scanning and Identifying all privileged accounts and their credentials
  • Keeping your organization in control of account provisioning
  • Helping your organization in developing an effective lifecycle management for privileged accounts
  • Ensuring the routine password changes through automated privileged password management and control
  • Identifying how your Governance and Risk Management processes influence Privileged access and suggesting the Industry’s best practices
  • Implementing auditing systems that let you log events, record sessionsand more for accountability of the accounts

How Is Your
Business Handling
Its Privileged Accounts?

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