Identity and Access Management

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Turn the identities your organization manages into a powerful way to bolster your security, protect your systems, and improve your compliance.

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Why identity matters more than ever today

Identity and Access Management is your frontline defense when it comes to authenticating and authorizing users to prevent unauthorized access. Keep your organization protected and more beyond traditional password-based security with the right strategies, processes, and solutions specifically designed for the identities you manage.


Here’s what Indigo Consulting can do for you

Managed Services

Secure your identities with the DevSecOps approach

Keep your business safe and secure through all stages of the software lifecycle. Indigo Consulting offers your organization access to proven expertise in IAM solutions. We help you select the right tools and meet your security goals without sacrificing efficiency and functionality.

  • Improve the security of your company with solutions that prioritize system security
  • Develop a culture of security in your organization and implement streamlined security processes
  • Educate developers and simplify the development process with access to IAM experts
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Advisory Services

Make the right security choices to protect your organization

Not clear where to start when it comes to Identity and Access Management for your organization? Let our team of IAM experts guide you through the entire process. We’ll analyze your current security, processes, and technology and create a customized plan for deploying IAM in your organization.

  • Explore best-in-class solutions for both IAM and CIAM
  • Identify which solutions are best for your organization based on your needs
  • Ensure that your chosen solution is compatible with your existing processes
We Have Decades of Expertise

The Indigo focus

Identity Access Management

Give your business the boost it needs with our IAM and PAM solutions that are designed specifically to address your unique use cases.

Advisory & Consulting

Keep up with major security, governance, risk management, and compliance changes in your industry with our advisory and consulting services.

Managed Services

Stay on top of your industry with managed services by Indigo Consulting. We make it easy for you to develop, adopt, and scale cloud technologies.

Meet our technology partners

We work with the leading IAM technology partners to build next generation solutions. 

Integrate repeatable and agile IAM solutions

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