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Finding and implementing the right Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions is a challenge for most businesses.

The market is saturated with viable options, but identifying which ones are compatible with your systems isn’t easy. IndigoConsulting works with your organization to identify,build, implement and to maintain IAM solutions. We have decades of experience in solving identity and access management problems for our customers spanning across diversified industries.

Here’s What Indigo Consulting
Can Do for You:


Every organization has different needs for Authentication of users, devices or Internet of Things (IoT). Indigo Consulting enables authentication through configuration of multiple modules for extensive authentication requirements. Multi-factor Authentication, Social login using common social networks and Single Sign on using SAML2, OpenID Connect and OAuth2 are few among multiple capabilities that we could enable your organization with.

How we could help you

  • Add an additional layer of security through a comprehensive Authentication model
  • Implement multi-factor authentication, social login and single sign-on (SSO)
  • Assess your current IAM capabilities and get recommended viable solutions


We simplify the way your users access your platform and services. Indigo Consulting simplifies the way to link multiple identities across your services, Cloud and partners.

Key benefits

  • Create a seamless login process for users, devices and Internet of Things (IoT) across various platforms and domains
  • Assess your current Access Management and Single Sign-On capabilities and get recommended solutions to integrate with Services and Partners across different enterprises.


A right authorization model ensures that only verified users could access the sensitive information. Today it is imperative to control the level of data, information, assets or services that users could access. Indigo Consulting can help your organization in implementing IAM systems that will allow to set specific user roles, permissions and policies to control the level of access for data, information, assets or services.

How we could help you

  • Integrate an authorization model with the other compatible core services of your organization
  • Keep unauthorized users away from accessing your organization’s sensitive data, information, assets or services
  • Define custom attributes, roles, permissions and policies to configure the granular access of data, information, assets or services for your users

Identity Provisioning

Maintain total control over your organization’s creation, modification and deletion of users. Indigo Consulting helps in creation of an extensive, flexible, secure and easy to use Provisioning System for user life-cycle management.

How we could help you

  • Control the user’s signup process through self-service or managed usercreation
  • Identify and delete inactive users once they leave the organization
  • Create scalable identity provisioning processes that will grow with yourorganization

Directory Services

Directory Services are the center of every major IAM implementation. It is the foundation that holds your critical user data and it needs to have the best security to ensure that is is safe and accessible. 

How we could help you

  • Implement an enterprise-grade directory that ensures security and accessibility of the critical data
  • Choose between small- or large-scale Cloud deployments
  • Scale your directory to support millions of users across hundreds of applications


Your organization needs a safe and secure IAM system at all times. Indigo Consulting offers you to select the right tools to meet your security goals without sacrificing efficiency and business requirements.

How we could help you

  • Improve your organization’s security from start to finish with our IAM solution’s offerings
  • Build a culture of cyber-security in your organization
  • Implement streamlined security processes leveraging our proven expertise

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