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Authentication Grown from the Power of Partnership

Digital identity, cybersecurity, and the user experience all require a level of authentication that ensures the identity of human and non-human users is verified every step of the way. Gluu Server, Gluu Casa, and Super Gluu offer zero-trust access control, self-service multi-factor authentication, and mobile two-factor authentication that provide superior security without compromising the user experience.

Infinite scale. Complete Privacy

About Gluu

Gluu is an established leader in open source security solutions that are designed to strengthen cybersecurity presence, master digital identity, and improve the user experience. And all with the flexibility to provide the solutions that are needed quickly and efficiently. You can do anything you can think of with Gluu.

Indigo Consulting

A Valued gluu Partner

Indigo Consulting is a leading Managed Service Provider and Integrator. Gluu works closely with Indigo Consulting to ensure their customers have authentication solutions that will provide the strongest possible protection. Indigo Consulting brings the expertise and experience needed to develop solutions based on industry best practices.

Gluu Partner

Gluu + Indigo Consulting Capabilities

Gluu works in close partnership with Indigo Consulting to enable a wide range of capabilities that allow you to ensure enhanced authentication, whether you are handling just a few hundred or you need to scale to a few million.



API Access


Identity & Access


Embrace Authentication. Open Your Door to All Users.

Reach out to us today and speak with an Indigo Gluu expert  to learn how we can help you strengthen your cybersecurity and enhance your digital identity.