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Indigo Consulting has decades of expertise in designing, implementing, and integrating Identity and Access Management (IAM), Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM), and Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions.

Does your business need help with:

  • Authentication
  • Federation
  • Authorization
  • Identity provisioning
  • Directory services
  • DevSecOps
Indigo Consulting can help you identify strategic solutions that emphasize accessibility, flexibility, and usability without compromising on security. We are an accredited ForgeRock Delivery Partner (ADP), and we leverage their design experience when creating both employee and customer-facing IAM solutions. Our consultants work directly with you in every phase of your project ensuring that the solutions offered are performing exactly as needed.

Identity and Access

Your company needs a robust authentication system that is both safe and secure. Indigo Consulting’s expertise allows your business to implement solutions across multiple applications through a safe, easy-to-use, and frictionless process. These services reduce risk, improve security and compatibility, and streamline the authentication process.

Our company can help you with multi-factor authentication, social login, and single sign-on (SSO).
Does your business need a way to streamline the identity access management process across multiple platforms? Our federated service links your user’s identities across various networks to simplify the way they access your services without increasing the risks to your enterprise. This creates a streamlined experience and it enables partners to extend their service offering beyond their platforms.
User authorization plays an important role in guaranteeing that only the right users gain access to sensitive information. Indigo Consulting prioritizes both accessibility and security when working with your company to create and implement the right authorization system. We can help your organization implement the right security measures, reducing the risk of an unauthorized user accessing your private information.
Identity Provisioning
How does your organization handle identity provisioning?A reliable IAM system must consider both user creation and deletion. Indigo Consulting can implement an identity provisioning system that allows you to control how individual user accounts are created. Whether you need managed identity provisioning or a self-serve option, we have the resources to create a customized solution for you.
Directory Services
Your directory contains all your sensitive information. That means it needs to be secured, but also be accessible so your applications can get the information they need, when they need it. Indigo Consulting has extensive experience in creating enterprise-grade directory services and can assist you in the successful deployment of your customized solution.
Indigo Consulting understands how important security is to your business. Our DevSecOps service emphasizes building secure systems that prioritize security. We work with you to select the right tools to continuously integrate security that can help you meet your security goals while ensuring the DevOps workflow does not slow down.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Mistakes

Your organization can’t afford to make costly governance, risk, and compliance mistakes. Indigo Consulting has experience working with multiple industries in different lines of business and we understand the importance of security for an organization.
Our approach is to make Governance, Risk and Compliance a core attribute for your organization. We can assist your organization in achieving its business goals by enabling it with the right Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) toolset to stay in control at all times.
We help multiple lines of business to:
  • Measure and sort Data Access Risks
  • Build solid authorization models that use the latest Governance, Risk and Compliance processes
  • Reduce Risk through Data Protection
  • Develop Governance models that reduce Risk and to enforce compliance

Privileged Access Management Services

The needs of your business are constantly evolving. Access management is a critical component of security for any organization. Privileged access management lets you control, validate, and audit how your users access sensitive operations.

We’ve partnered with CyberArk, a leader in PAM, to provide robust solutions to secure your administrative access, your critical system access, and all other sensitive credentials. 

Indigo Consulting simplifies how you handle PAM, providing you with the confidence you need to scale and grow your company.

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