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We exist to help clients operate without stress or difficulty, but where we truly thrive is in unlocking the learning potential of every team member who helps us succeed. We are unified in our belief that work is meant to be fun. From happy-hour drinks to golf tournaments, to personalized Slack channels, to poker nights and online gaming, our excellence in serving customers is rivalled only by the quality of our caring, collaborative work-culture.

We believe in a flexible organizational structure that allows everyone’s voice to be heard. We believe in providing our clients with nothing short of perfection. And, most importantly, we believe that every employee is special and brings something unique to the table that is worth celebrating every day. We want to empower our team members so that even if they move on, they’ll understand what they’re capable of. We are proud to have forged this tight-knit team, and we are inviting you along for the ride.

When you love what you do, you don’t count the minutes to the end of a client’s call. We are energized by challenges knowing that our team of superheroes can overcome any obstacle because we have each other’s backs. That’s not family – it’s friendship.

We Have Decades of Expertise

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We Have Decades of Expertise

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We Have Decades of Expertise

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“When you love what you do, you don’t always feel like you’re working when you answer a client’s call. It’s a lifestyle. At Indigo you feel like you have a purpose”

We Have Decades of Expertise

Life At Indigo Consulting

We Bond Over Blocking Security Threats

At Indigo Consulting, we are more than just colleagues. We have created an indestructible comradery over supplying high-calibre clients with solutions that our competitors simply can’t. Every year we take to the mountains for an off-site event in a rustic lodge to collaborate and present new ideas for the future of the company. The mix of winter sports, fine-dining and collective passion for Identity Access Management creates a fun environment that only serves to strengthen the bonds between each member of the team.

We Make Winning Fun

Winning is most fun when everyone experiences it together. At Indigo Consulting, we’ve made it our mission to empower every team member to be the best of themselves and take on any challenge thrown their way. By setting up mentorship programs and by funding certifications for our employees, we cultivate and enhance creativity and confidence so everyone feels in-stride with the wolf-pack. At Indigo we believe in accessing the unlimited potential in our product and in our people.

We Exist To Push Cyber-Security To New Frontiers

We take pride in the fact that our team is comprised of some of the greatest Canadian minds in Identity Access Management. There is no limit to what you can learn and achieve with the vast array of assignments that always keep us sharp and, on our toes. And with our promise for perfection that keeps our clients coming back with more business, there is never a dull moment in our ranks. Our recognition in this space compels us to always bring our A-game and become more proactive so that we can stay ahead of the competition. Indigo might be the smartest startup in the room, but learning is an everlasting endeavor, and we live by it.


hansel Eichenberg

“What keeps me at Indigo? It’s simple. The people, the collaborative atmosphere, and the flexibility. Even before COVID-19 hit, our time was split 50/50 between the office and remote work. This makes it easy to find a healthy work-life balance that I really appreciate, especially since I enjoy home renovations and being outdoors in my spare time.”

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Jacob Chamberlain

“What keeps me at Indigo? My team and the family dynamic and collaboration that goes on. The environment is very supportive and there is a great diversity in terms of client work. Every Friday, we hold an all-hands company meeting that keeps us updated on current projects and future goals. It’s fun to be included in those conversations. It’s these meetings, along with following security and IT news and staying current on what’s being talked about on industry forums that keeps me up to date.”

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Dave Caron

“What keeps me at Indigo? I like the relaxed atmosphere, too. The team here goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome. During my initial interview, I spoke with other employees who said it’s an easygoing, results-oriented environment focusing on finding solutions and solving challenges. I was skeptical and still expected something else, but my time here has proved them right. “

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