IAM for Financial Services

A smart investment in
Digital Identity

Reduce risk, increase trust, simplify compliance and provide a superior customer experience with purpose-built financial services.

The attack surface for financial service providers is bigger than ever

Financial services companies are no stranger to cybercrime. In 2022 alone, the financial service industry experienced 1,802 data breaches, with the average cost of a breach reaching $4.5 million.

Changing technology trends have been even more of a focus on providing the best digital experience possible. But this shift to digital has led to even bigger attack surfaces, the rise of more sophisticated threats, and the need to protect both employees and customers who rely on your systems.

Creating a seamless employee and customer experience means embracing digital identity to safeguard access, authentication, and privilege across your organization while maintaining compliance with strict industry regulations.

Partner with a proven financial services IAM delivery partner

Compared to other industries, financial services faces a range of unique and difficult challenges where digital identity is concerned. Overcoming those challenges requires the help of a provider with a deep understanding of digital identity. Indigo Consulting is just such a provider.

A Proven Partner

Work with a partner that takes the time to understand your company and the digital identity solutions you need to stay protected.

Decades of Experience

We're intimately familiar with the financial service sector's IAM, GRC, and PAM challenges — and how to overcome them.

Robust Services

We'll assess your full ecosystem, then connect you with the perfect vendor via our extensive partner network.

Our Financial Services IAM Services

Indigo Consulting’s specialized teams provide you with the strategy, execution, solution expertise, and support needed to protect your organization and its customers.

Build the foundation needed to protect your attack surfaces

Bolster security and streamline compliance

Create a secure experience, eliminate audit fatigue, and reduce the operational burden of regulatory compliance through intelligent automation. Leverage digital identity to accelerate new technology deployments while eliminating identity blind spots and protecting sensitive data with:

  • Gain access to audit trails and access reports for accounts, entitlements, 
policies, and actions
  • Enable seamless integration and management of existing software and systems
  • Automatic separation of duties, zero trust security, and least privilege access
  • Take advantage of AI-driven threat prevention and remediation

Embrace IAM best practices into your organization

Take advantage of IAM digital identity best practices to automate cumbersome manual processes and streamline workflows. Promote collaboration, reduce operational and infrastructure costs, and enhance business agility through:

  • Leverage recognized solutions like SSO & MFA
  • Enable user-managed access and self-service administration
  • Achieve seamless IAM integration between business units
  • Automate provisioning, deprovisioning, and access requests

Provide the best possible customer experience

Set your institution apart by delivering a contextualized, consistent experience that exceeds expectations. Streamline and personalize customer access, support user-centric security, and mitigate fraud risk through:

  • Deploy Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) within your organization
  • Create a frictionless experience with biometric authentication
  • Reduce fraud with the right identity proofing solutions
  • Enable self-managed customer privacy and consent

Provide a safe and frictionless experience
for employees 
and customers

Book a discovery call with one of our IAM experts and we’ll show you how you can unlock the full potential of digital identity.