IAM for Omnichannel Retail

Build trust while creating a secure and seamless customer experience

Create a secure, efficient, and trustworthy customer experience by partnering with Indigo Consulting for your retail IAM needs.

Retail data breaches are on the rise — are you ready?

Protecting your business and the brand you’ve built means securing both employee and customer access to your business against social engineering attacks, malware, ransomware, and other digital threats.

From online shopping, customer rewards programs, or the backend systems your teams rely on — retailers need to strike the perfect balance between security and creating a seamless customer experience.

It’s more important than ever to protect your business from a potential data breach by taking the right steps to protecting how employees and customers gain authorization and access to the systems your business relies on.

Choose the right partner for your retail IAM needs

Create a secure and trustworthy user experience for both customers and employees by partnering with Indigo Consulting. We’ll help you unlock the full potential of digital identity by identifying your gaps, building the roadmap, and deploying the solutions you need to reduce risk and improve the customer experience.

A Proven Partner

Business-oriented and service-driven, we take the time to understand your company then develop and implement purpose-built solutions for your needs.

Decades of Experience

We have a deep understanding of the retail sector's IAM, GRC, and PAM challenges — and we'll help you overcome yours with purpose-built solutions.

Robust Services

We'll assess your full ecosystem, then connect you with the perfect vendor via our extensive partner network, deploy the solution and support it.

Create a secure and trustworthy experience with digital identity

Boost security and improve the customer experience

Use digital identity to create a single source of truth for customer data to combat identity fraud, reduce checkout abandonment, shrink your attack surface, and 
optimize customer acquisition.

  • Design a unified experience that secures access across multiple devices, 
apps, services, and other touch points
  • Create a seamless registration and onboarding workflows that follow 
cybersecurity best practices
  • Deploy recognized IAM solutions like SSO, MFA, and more to create a  personalized, secure, and frictionless customer experience
  • Allow your customers to choose who their data is shared with using customized data policies

Streamline data security and sovereignty

Transform cybersecurity from a business requirement to a competitive advantage.

Achieve regulatory compliance, build trust, and increase brand loyalty with IAM solutions designed to meet your needs.

  • Develop self-managed customer privacy and consent workflows to 
promote data privacy
  • Meet industry data residency and sovereignty requirements with 
full-tenant isolation
    Follow best practices for integrated security and business continuity 
with purpose-built IAM solutions
  • Design, build, and support automated GRC controls and enforcement 
across the omnichannel retail experience

Keep your employees and customers
protected with digital identity

Book a discovery call with one of our IAM experts and we’ll show you how you can unlock the full potential of digital identity.