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Consulting services for all your IAM, CIAM, and PAM needs

Indigo Consulting assists its customers across multiple industries through their IAM journey – and we are recognized as a key advisor and integrator from the beginning to the end.

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We’re business-oriented, service-driven, and consistent in everything we do.

Indigo Consulting works with your business to develop a strategic roadmap that clearly defines your business goals. We offer a variety of services that can transform the capabilities of your organization and its software, improve your internal processes, and provide your business with scalable solutions for future growth.

Finding the right IAM, CIAM, and PAM solutions and services is challenging with so many options on the market. By partnering with us, your company can leverage our industry expertise to identify, develop, and implement solutions that are agile, functional, and compliant.

How indigo helps

We simplify the transition process

Transitioning from legacy vendors or outdated platforms is a challenge most businesses are afraid to approach. Even the smallest changes can cascade out of control if they’re not managed properly.

The assessment and roadmap is designed to help you understand, define, and plan for a successful Identity and Access Management program.

Here’s how our team helps:

  • We work to understand your organization’s current state by evaluating the maturity of the existing IAM capabilities and the challenges you are facing.
  • We help define future requirements and strategic direction that align with IAM capabilities based on your site business objectives.
  • We recommend deployment plans, releases and milestones, best practices, and proven methodologies to derive a successful and accurate program delivery roadmap.
  • We help you accomplish your goals by providing timelines, resources, and cost requirements.
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Consulting Services

An outside perspective is often needed to help your business identify deficiencies in your strategies and processes. Our consulting services assess your strategy, recommend viable solutions, help you develop a plan for implementation, and help develop a plan for implementation that fits your needs.

Assessment Strategy

Our assessment strategy creates a roadmap for your business that lets you define key project initiatives. The roadmap is designed to highlight the scope of the project, identify potential risks, and keep your IAM program on budget.

Architecture Design

Your IAM solution needs the right architecture to function properly. Indigo specializes in helping businesses create architectures from the ground up without losing focus on security and overall business objectives.

Development Configuration

Indigo’s team of trained developers know exactly how to implement vendor platforms that meet your business’s needs. Our deployment and architecture teams work in unison to deliver a scalable business solution.

Deployment & Support

Our team is experienced in DevOps and can help your business seamlessly transition from development to deployment. We offer ongoing support and managed services to fill in the gaps and ensure your teams are trained and capable of operating any deployed platforms.

Upgrade & Migration

If your company relies on outdated legacy systems the Indigo team can simplify the upgrade and migration process. We can process minor updates and patches, major upgrades, migration from legacy systems, and migration to purpose-built platforms.

Agile Staffing

Your company needs top talent to help manage newly implemented systems. Indigo offers agile staffing solutions that provide talented engineers and IT professionals that are experienced working with IAM technologies.

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We strategize, build, integrate, and support IAM systems that work

Is your company struggling to integrate new IAM technologies? Our consulting service provides you with industry expertise and insight that can help you identify, develop, and deploy the right technological solutions for your business.

We have strategic relationships with many of the most popular enterprise software vendors on the market, and we can use these relationships to help your business implement customized and compliant solutions that align with your objectives.

Coverage for the entire Identity and Access Management lifecycle

IAM Initial

1-4 Weeks

Gain full visibility into the IAM lifecycle. Discover what processes, technology, and strategy you need from a proven IAM partner that offers advisory services, assessments, planning, ongoing support, and solution delivery.

& Deployment

2-4 Weeks

Implementation and deployment are the next steps after planning and architecture deploy. Here, development and test environments are created, active development and testing take place, your deployment pipeline is created, and technology is selected.

Release Planning
& Architecture

3 Months

The next step is to design a go-live blueprint based on the strategy and processes initially mapped out. Our team will create an architecture plan, define your roadmap, recommend technologies, and provide a SOW for implementation and deployment.

IAM Support for Operations


Even the best IAM systems require ongoing support and maintenance. We provide 24/7/365 support to ensure your business and its IAM systems are always available, up to date, and focused on seamlessly managing your business’s identities.

See Agile in action

Companies that have embraced Agile development have enjoyed a 60% increase in revenue and 1.5 times higher project success rate.

The Ultimate Manager’s Guide to Agile Development for IAM Solutions

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