eBook: Agile development for IAM solutions

The Ultimate Manager’s Guide to Agile Development for IAM Solutions

Read our latest ebook: The Ultimate Manager’s Guide to Agile Development for IAM Solutions to learn how agile development can transform your business.

It’s no secret that everyone’s talking about agile, but is it the right fit for your organization? And do you even have the right pieces in place to support agile development?

Embracing agile isn’t as simple as flipping a switch and seeing results. A successful rollout of agile requires the right mindset, processes, and support from relevant stakeholders. And for many organizations, the biggest challenge is figuring out how to get started.

In our Agile Development for Managers ebook, we’ll help you navigate these challenges, showing you:

  • The basics of agile, including key terms, values, processes, stakeholders, and more
  • How to successfully embrace the agile mindset
  • The baseline requirements for agile to be successful
  • What agile IAM development looks like
  • The best KPIs to measure success
  • The biggest benefits of agile
  • And what it looks like to work with a proven agile partner

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