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Infrastructure and Workflows Designed to Manage Multi-Cloud Environments

The shift to the cloud has been the driving force behind IT innovation for enterprises of all sizes. The proper infrastructure is critical for this shift to be successful, but so are workflows that enable IT operators to deal with the real-world problems that come with working in multi-cloud environments. With the automation of multi-cloud infrastructure, enterprises can enjoy state-of-the-art operations, networking, application, and security delivery. The result? DevOps excellence.

open-source and commercial automation solutions

About Hashicorp

HashiCorp is a leading provider of open-source and commercial automation solutions. With a team experienced in open-source software solutions, HashiCorp has developed a series of best practices that have allowed them to form a collaborative environment in which innovation and inclusive decision-making enables the development of products that best serve the needs of enterprises operating via the cloud.

Indigo Consulting

A Hashicorp Partner

Indigo Consulting is a Managed Service Provider and Integrator. HashiCorp works closely with Indigo Consulting to provide the most secure cloud presence possible today. Indigo Consulting’s identity and access management innovations, paired with HashiCorp’s infrastructure capabilities, makes it easy to control access to the cloud and ensure a secure environment.

Hashicorp Partner

Hashicorp + Indigo Consulting Capabilities

Indigo Consulting is partnering with HashiCorp to bring cloud automation and security together in a way that will enable enterprises to shift to a cloud operating model that fosters a superior DevOps experience.






HashiCorp Industry Solutions

HashiCorp delivers solutions that are designed to help enterprises in a wide range of industries smooth their transition to the cloud with automated solutions that will ensure secure, seamless access to services and applications.

Allow customers to achieve safe, secure access to financial services and real-time data on any device, while maintaining compliance and embracing a truly multi-cloud presence that elevates the customer experience.

Promote multi-party collaboration to improve patient outcomes and utilize data processing and advanced software tools to aid in the discovery of new treatments and medicines, ultimately improving patient care and outcomes.

Enhance automation and digital capabilities to reach higher levels of innovation, while maintaining full security and compliance, reducing operating expenses, increasing revenue, and revolutionizing the customer experience.

Deliver a unique customer experience by creating a differentiated digital experience across multiple digital channels and devices, advancing a multi-cloud strategy while ensuring the security of systems and customer data.

Provide people with the ability to access uninterrupted government services and information on the device of their choosing, while defending against cyberthreats using a zero-trust security philosophy that protects critical data and systems.

Provide consumers with the unified, differentiated digital experience they need to enjoy the very best, most secure in-store and online shopping experiences, while protecting systems and customer data.

Automate core workflows that will enable the advancement of a multi-cloud strategy and deliver a differentiated digital experience to customers, increase revenues, and foster innovation and speed to market.

Conquer the Multi-Cloud Environment

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