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Partnering to accelerate web application security

Web applications form an integral part of user interaction for many organizations, bringing with it significant security challenges. Secure Web Sessions makes it possible to know who is using an application and what they’re doing, protecting the application and its data from end-point threats. The result is full visibility into every action users take without compromising the user experience.  

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Identity security leader

CyberArk has become an established leader in privileged access management, having developed the most comprehensive Identity Security Platform that works to secure both human and non-human identities. With a track record that includes helping more than half of the Fortune 500 companies secure their assets, we believe in continuous innovation to stay one step ahead of the cyber threats.

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Indigo Consulting

A valued CyberArk partner

Indigo Consulting is a leading Managed Service Provider and Integrator. CyberArk works closely with Indigo Consulting to ensure their customers have cyber security solutions that will protect and enhance their web-based applications. Indigo Consulting brings the expertise and experience needed to develop solutions based on industry best practices.

CyberArk Partner

CyberArk + Indigo Consulting capabilities

CyberArk and Indigo Consulting have partnered to bring enhanced security and visibility into every web session. The result is the ability to defend against attacks, increase operational efficiencies, and ensure regulatory compliance.



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CyberArk industry solutions

CyberArk provides advanced solutions that are designed to help organizations in a wide range of industries ensure the security of web sessions, while embracing technological innovation and maintaining a superior user experience.

Ensure secure access for all identities across an organization, as well as with customer applications, to help mitigate credential theft, build trust with customers, and ensure full regulatory compliance.

Keep up with changing customer needs and new industry innovations, while protecting against the increasing number of threats to proprietary and personal data by using privileged access security to prevent attacks.

Protect the integrity of operations and ePHI by using enhanced privileged access to prevent ransomware attacks and other potential threats, while supporting new technologies and new models of care.

Make sure the right people have access to the right information at the right time in order to protect sensitive government data and infrastructure from attacks that could compromise the integrity of federal systems.

Enhance the security of your web sessions