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The more advanced and mobile technology becomes, the more users, data, and applications there are. This brings increased challenges when it comes to providing easy access and self-serve options while maintaining strong security. Identity Security is the answer, making it possible to increase security, reduce risk, and maintain compliance.

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Identity and Access Management

SailPoint has been working since 2005 to become more than just a typical tech company. From the beginning, our goal has been to drive innovation by creating solutions that solve the most pressing business challenges. We have succeeded in this, all while creating a fun, exciting, collaborative work environment that engages both employees and customers. At the core of what we do are the 4 I’s – Innovation, Integrity, Impact, and Individuals.
SailPoint Partner

SailPoint + Indigo Consulting capabilities

SailPoint is partnering with Indigo Consulting to build a foundation of security on which to fully embrace the digital world. This will allow you to enjoy a quick and seamless digital transformation, without compromising your security.





Indigo Consulting

A valued SailPoint alliance and channel partner

Indigo Consulting is a leading Managed Service Provider and Integrator. SailPoint works closely with Indigo Consulting, from the planning stage through implementation and delivery, to provide heightened security to large-scale deployments and integrations. Indigo Consulting brings the expertise and experience needed to design solutions based on industry best practices.


SailPoint industry solutions

SailPoint provides grounded solutions that are designed to help organizations in a wide range of industries maintain the highest level of security without holding them back from technological innovation.

Continue to adopt new technologies and develop new ways of connecting with and improving the experience of customers, all while maintaining the highest level of security to keep cybercriminals at bay and reduce instances of fraud.

Automate manual IT processes to increase efficiency and adhere to regulatory compliance requirements and use AI and machine learning to maintain strict control over who has access to applications and data, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Use AI and machine learning to manage provider identities and receive access recommendations based on user role, ensuring access is only granted to those who need it, while automating processes and providing regular access certifications to ensure compliance.

Control both human and non-human access to applications, data, systems, and platforms and ensure complete visibility into overprovisioned accounts and high-risk users to get out in front of potential security issues before they happen.

Provide employees with the access they need when they need it using a centralized identity management platform that minimizes the risks associated with siloed workflows and allows for easy collaboration vis fast and secure data sharing.

Protect distributed security resources by controlling access to sensitive data and critical applications, with full visibility into who has access and what they are doing with it, all while integrating with other IT and security technologies for improved security.

Take your Identity Security to the next level

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