Governance, risk, and compliance

Streamlined Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

Give your company a strong foundation to build from with a robust governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) program.

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Start enforcing access compliance at all levels

No organization can maintain effective access compliance without the right governance and risk management processes in place. Identity governance and access management can only succeed if you build a culture of security at your company. These vital systems are more than security measures, they define the way your organization functions, how you handle data, and how access management decisions are made.

Indigo Consulting works with companies to help them assess their current governance, how they handle access management and risk management, and how they enforce compliance to ensure the highest level of security.


Here’s what Indigo Consulting can do for you

Managed Services

Support your business with an up-to-date GRC program

Ensure your GRC program has the right systems and processes in place. Our managed services provide you with a strong foundation for your GRC program, ensuring it’s continuously up to date and ready to support your business’s evolving needs.

  • Identify, manage, and prioritize business and vendor risk
  • Deploy industry-leading solutions to support your GRC program
  • Maintain compliance with fully integrated security solutions
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Advisory and consulting Services

Assess your organization’s GRC program

The GRC landscape is constantly evolving. Keep pace with changing trends by strengthening your company’s GRC program with access to our team of experienced cloud security, GRC, and IAM experts.

  • Identify the weak points in your current GRC program
  • Discover best-in-class solutions to improve governance, risk management, and compliance
  • Receive support and training for new solutions, integrations, and more
We Have Decades of Expertise

The Indigo focus

Identity Access Management

Give your business the boost it needs with our IAM and PAM solutions that are designed specifically to address your unique use cases.

Advisory & Consulting

Keep up with major security, governance, risk management, and compliance changes in your industry with our advisory and consulting services.

Managed Services

Stay on top of your industry with managed services by Indigo Consulting. We make it easy for you to develop, adopt, and scale cloud technologies.

Effective compliance starts with the right governance processes

Strengthen your company’s GRC program to better support your needs. Get in touch with Indigo Consulting today.