A leading ForgeRock delivery partner in creating employee and customer-facing IAM solutions

ForgeRock Accredited Delivery Partner

The ForgeRock Trust Network is a technology ecosystem that includes more than 120 partners from across the globe. Working together, we can provide you with a comprehensive set of digital identity capabilities via the ForgeRock Identity Platform. The result? Enhanced authentication, identity proofing and enrichment, behavioral biometrics, fraud management and more.

About Forgerock

Digital identity for consumers and workforce

ForgeRock is at the forefront of the digital identity revolution, embracing the ideals of collaboration and individuality as we work to enable digital transformation across industries. Our goal is simple – to create a world in which you never have to log in again, while ensuring greater security than ever before.
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Indigo Consulting

A valued ForgeRock partner

Indigo Consulting is an accredited ForgeRock delivery leader in large scale deployments and integrations. Our services include strategic planning and road-mapping, implementation and delivery, and solution migrations with an emphasis on designing solutions based on industry best practices and experience. Our development team applies Indigo’s proven implementation methodology to deliver solutions on-time, on-budget and with success.

ForgeRock Partner

ForgeRock + Indigo Consulting capabilities

ForgeRock is teaming up with Indigo Consulting to change the way people access the connected world. Our capabilities pave the way to easier connection, while maintaining the highest level of security.






ForgeRock industry solutions

ForgeRock has real solutions that are designed to help businesses in a variety of industries navigate the changing digital landscape, ensuring seamless access for customers, employees and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Maintain agility in the financial services industry by using digital identity to allow customers, employees, partners, third-parties, and IoT to achieve safe and secure access to the financial services ecosystem, ultimately improving the customer journey from start to finish.

Enjoy a single view of the user experience by linking data across systems, streamlining management of a customer’s services in relation to their devices and IoT and making it easy to deliver personalized service across all channels, while maintaining full regulatory compliance.

Break down data silos so you can access customer needs and trends in one centralized location, making it possible to drive brand loyalty by providing personalized offerings and a seamless customer journey across multiple channels, all while keeping customer information secure.

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