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PlainID is best known as “The Authorization Company” with its strong focus on modernizing authorization through identity-first security that enables secure data collaboration. The company’s flagship authorization as a service solution is trusted by customers in insurance, retail banking, healthcare, government, and other security-first industries.

About PlainID

Leverage authorization as a service with PlainID

PlainID takes authorization to another level with full visibility and control over all aspects of identity and authorization within an organization’s tech stack. From policy creation and approval workflows to audits, governance, and delegated authorization — there’s no easier way to centralize your identity management.

Indigo Consulting

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Looking to embrace authorization as a service within your organization? Indigo Consulting can help you make your next PlainID project a success by guiding you through initial roadmapping, solution architecture, and deployment. Our proven IAM methodologies help ensure your organization is following best practices for authorization and digital identity management.

PlainID Delivery Partner

PlainID + Indigo Consulting capabilities

Indigo Consulting is a trusted PlainID delivery partner. Let our team of experienced IAM architects and developers help you embrace the full potential of authorization as a service.

Policy Creation & Investigation

Approval Workflows

Audits & Governance

Delegated Authorization

PlainID Authorization as a Service

PlainID solutions by industry

PlainID is one of the fastest growing companies in Israel, enabling authorization as a service to large financial institutions, retail banks, insurance providers, healthcare companies, and government agencies.

Take a zero trust approach that secures the way users are authorized and granted access to your essential systems. PlainID’s platform enables robust policy-based access control (PBAC), dynamic decision making, and gives financial institutions full visibility into their authorization journey.

Ensure sensitive information is protected and secure across all systems within your organization. PlainID streamlines authorization for healthcare companies through robust PBAC, streamlined management, and by supporting the advanced policy requirements healthcare needs.

Maintain compliance with strict compliance frameworks like 508, GDPR, CCPA, DIACAP, ISO27001, NIST, and more. PlainID uses PBAC to give government agencies more control over authorization and access to essential systems and sensitive information.

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