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With flexibility and neutrality at the core of Okta’s Customer Identity and Workforce Identity Clouds, Okta makes seamless and secure access possible for customers, employees, and partners.

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Create a great user experience in any technology stack

Streamline your approach to identity management with Okta’s powerful range of solutions for both workforce and customer IAM. Okta’s platform supports any use case and industry, making identity the heart of your technology stack.

Indigo Consulting

A proven Okta technology and delivery partner

Indigo Consulting is a proud Okta Elevate Partner with decades of combined experience roadmapping, designing, deploying, and executing IAM deployments for large organizations looking to make identity the heart of their technology stack. We build and deploy IAM solutions  based on best practices, ensuring our clients get a purpose-built solution that supports their cybersecurity goals.

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Indigo Consulting’s deep understanding of the Okta technology stack accelerates your pathway to workforce and customer IAM. We design and deploy solutions that support your cybersecurity needs while striking the right balance between security and creating a frictionless user experience.

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Okta solutions by industry

Okta has proudly powered identity for the world since 2009, providing global organizations with access to workforce and customer IAM across a diverse range of industries.

Deliver seamless, secure experiences to your customers and employees. Okta’s solutions provide a powerful identity management platform for handling how employees, partners, and customers connect with your organization.

Support your modernization efforts while creating a safe and secure patient experience with Okta’s identity management solutions. Okta’s HIPAA compliant identity cloud provides healthcare companies with a powerful technology stack to support their cybersecurity needs.

Strike the perfect balance between customer experience and security. Okta’s customer identity cloud makes it easy to boost customer loyalty and conversion rates while protecting your data and giving your organization full visibility into your identity management system.

Keep your mission on track with modernized identity management solutions that support your broader vision. Okta enables simple, yet powerful digital experiences that keep the focus on the people you serve.

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