A day in the life at Indigo: Hansel Eichenberg

Hansel Eichenberg

Manager of Identity Services


When I came to Indigo Consulting Canada more than six years ago, I started as Identity and Access Management (IAM) consultant. Coming from a background that included working on Sailpoint at a bank, I was ready for the fresh challenge this role presented.

My first project at Indigo involved going to the client’s location. This was the first time I had done this. It was for a custom development project, which turned out to be my favourite type of project. When I do custom development, I get to travel, and I am always challenged by new platform development and working with new people. It never gets boring.

I moved from being an IAM Consultant responsible for architecting, designing, implementing and deploying IAM solutions for Indigo’s customers based on the Sailpoint and ForgeRock platforms to Director of Identity services for Indigo. In this position, I am in charge of more than 20 people, including teams from dev ops and associate IAM consultants. 


What keeps me at Indigo?

Simple. The people, the collaborative atmosphere, and the flexibility. Even before COVID-19 hit, our time was split 50/50 between the office and remote work. This makes it easy to find a healthy work-life balance that I really appreciate, especially since I enjoy home renovations and being outdoors in my spare time.

Working at Indigo Consulting has allowed me to improve both my skills and myself as a person. I have access to training, release notes, and partner technology, and I go to partner conferences, where I attend a variety of sessions. Add to that my connection with clients and my participation in IAM LinkedIn groups and I have a well-rounded presence in the industry.

But perhaps best of all is the collaborative environment and the support of upper management. We have meetings every Friday to provide updates, discuss projects, and deal with challenges and roadblocks. Twice a year we do team building activities. And management is always there to help and support you, removing roadblocks to your success, listening, and creating a family-like atmosphere in which we can all thrive.

Check out Hansel’s LinkedIn profile here.

Honestly, if I was to describe Indigo in three words, they would be—Collaboration, Challenge, and Fun. My advice to someone starting in this career? At the beginning it might be a little scary because there is a lot to learn, but you will have the chance to work on so many exciting projects with so many amazing people. There truly are no limits.

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