A day in the life at Indigo: Jacob Chamberlain

Jacob Chamberlain

IAM Senior Developer

I was hired on at Indigo Consulting as an IAM Associate in October 2020. During my time at Indigo I’ve also had the role of IAM Consultant, and was promoted to my current role of IAM Senior Developer in August of 2021. I have never looked back since joining Indigo! I have the immense privilege of overseeing and mentoring a development team of six talented people. I also work with numerous Indigo clients, while maintaining best practices and keeping up with security updates.

While I enjoy every part of my job, I think my favourite aspect of it is when a client gives me an open-ended problem to solve. So many projects with clients have a very specific set of criteria to follow to a specified outcome, but sometimes, I will be given a problem for which I can build a solution from the ground up.

That’s the really exciting stuff, along with doing demos for clients once their project is finished. Being able to show them the end result and seeing their reaction and the human impact my work has on others is really nice.

I also get pumped about the fact that at Indigo they have each of us do a presentation on a topic outside of our client work. They give us the freedom to really run with it. I was able to do one on coding best practices, which is something I am very passionate about, and think would be very helpful to all the development teams at Indigo.


What keeps me at Indigo?

I started at Indigo during COVID-19, so I’ve never really known what it was like to work there before the pandemic. There is a lot of working from home, and the onboarding process took longer than it normally would have. Fortunately, working from home didn’t affect my ability to get to know my team.

In fact, that’s really what keeps me at Indigo, my team and the family dynamic and collaboration that goes on. The environment is very supportive and there is a great diversity in terms of client work.

Every Friday, we hold an all-hands company meeting that keeps us updated on current projects and future goals. It’s fun to be included in those conversations. It’s these meetings, along with following security and IT news and staying current on what’s being talked about on industry forums that keeps me up to date.

And with a flat organizational structure, everyone is accessible and approachable. I have never felt so far down the hierarchy that I couldn’t speak to anyone directly, even the CEO. The whole management team is stellar, personable, approachable, and reachable. It really is a fantastic and supportive community.

Outside of my work at Indigo, I have been trying to navigate this world during the pandemic. But I still find time to play golf and I really enjoy gaming. My favourite games are Starcraft and Civilization.

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If I was to describe Indigo in three words, it would be—Effective, Accepting and Uplifting. My advice to someone starting in this career? You will want to be a quick learner. It’s important to be able do things on your own and work to find the answer yourself, but you also need to know when to ask questions. It’s about striking a delicate balance between being self-sufficient and reaching out for help.

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