A day in the life at Indigo: Dave Caron

Dave Caron

Identity and Access Management Associate

I’m the newest addition to the Indigo Consulting team, and I currently work as an Identity and Access Management Associate while I move toward becoming a full-time IAM consultant. My experience here has been amazing so far, and I’ve been really enjoying the outcome-focused company culture. I’ve finished my three-month probation period and am now moving forward.

Currently, I’ve been researching the best solutions for our clients, one project at a time. I’ve worked closely with another new team member in ‘co-op mode’ to problem solve and help the team tackle challenges. 

My advice for anyone looking to get into this career is that your success depends on 50% expertise in your field and 50% the people you work with. Being a people person is an important skill, especially for a consulting company. Even the best developer can fail if co-workers and clients don’t align. Staying current on industry trends and technologies is also essential. I stay on top of everything with a mix of tech news sites, IT YouTubers, and occasionally Reddit. My friends and colleagues in the industry are also helpful in staying informed.

While COVID-19 made remote work more accepted overall, Indigo was already primarily remote, and I love the flexibility of working remotely. We didn’t notice a big change in how we work.

Outside of work, I’m what many would call a “gamer.” I like anything focused on strategy and resource management, like League of Legends and the Civilization franchise, but I’m also into many first-person shooters, especially CS:GO.

What keeps me at Indigo?

I like the relaxed atmosphere, too. The team here goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome. During my initial interview, I spoke with other employees who said it’s an easygoing, results-oriented environment focusing on finding solutions and solving challenges. I was skeptical and still expected something else, but my time here has proved them right. 

Indigo is filled with really fun people to work with. Everybody is an expert in their area but also approachable. So far, my favorite project has been a relatively small project working with a developer on a data migration script for a well known client. The project ran for about two weeks, and we gave the client a robust and effective solution.

If I had to describe Indigo in three words, I’d say: “Welcoming, Innovative, Flexible.” Indigo prioritizes doing a good job above all else. Indigo is committed to finding the right solution, rather than focusing on short-term fixes, which leads to an atmosphere of collaboration and continuous improvement.

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