A day in the life at Indigo: Benji Bien Aime

Benji Bien Aime

Identity and Access Management Senior Developer


I was one of the first interns at Indigo three years ago. Previously, I worked for a few large enterprises but wanted to pivot to a smaller company to experience the difference first-hand. Although I was by no means an Identity and Access Management expert at first — two internships later — I became an expert on the topic and converted to a full-time IAM consultant and senior developer.

I’ve worked as a consultant on one of the biggest projects at Indigo. I’ve since switched roles and am now working on a newer, smaller-scale project role. I’m currently an architect managing a team of developers and developing myself as we continue integrating connectors for a large financial institution.

My advice to anyone looking to get into IAM is that it’s a somewhat obscure area in the IT world, but it’s rapidly becoming more mainstream. You’ll get to work with many companies, industries, diverse projects, and have different experiences throughout your career.

Staying up to date is essential, so I do plenty of research into new technologies. In addition, I often investigate security for big companies, so I don’t only need to know how tech works but how to keep it secure. I spend a lot of time on Reddit and Stack Overflow to stay up to date.

Outside work, I enjoy tinkering and making new stuff with Raspberry Pi. I also like sports, especially playing basketball.

What keeps me at Indigo?

The most important thing for me is the work environment and high-quality company culture. It really feels like we’re a family. It’s important to like the people you work with; there’s a strong friendship throughout the company, from co-workers to management.

I can maintain a great balance between work and my personal life. We’ve always been fully remote, too; COVID-19 didn’t really impact us in that regard.

Working at Indigo lets me work with all kinds of tech. It’s not always the same thing; we work with a diversified range of technologies and in different work environments.

My favorite projects at Indigo are those that make me feel like I’m making a significant impact, like my current project. I love having visibility into various technologies throughout this project and previous assignments. It’s nice to get my hands on emerging tech, play around with it, and truly understand it.

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I’d use three words to describe life at Indigo: Collaborative, Self-Improvement, and Friendship. I get to work on things I like with people who share the same collaborative approach, giving me a unique opportunity to improve myself each and every day.

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