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Access Compliance
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No organization can maintain effective access compliance without the right governance and risk management processes in place.

Indigo Consulting works with companies to help them assess their current governance, how they handle access management, risk management, and how they enforce compliance. 

Identity governance and access management can only succeed if you build a culture of security at your company. These vital systems are more than security measures, they define the way your organization functions, how you handle data, and how access management decisions are made.

Bridging Complex Relationship Between Governance and Compliance

Indigo Consulting can help your company develop a strong foundation when it comes to governance. A strong foundation lets your company reach its goals, implement tools that increase your efficiency and scalability, and keep you in control of your sensitive information. 

How Do We Do This?

The rules your organization has created are nothing without the right structure in place to validate and enforce them. Our expertise in governance, risk management, and compliance can help your organization in several ways, including: 

Key benefits

  • Identifying and building an authorization model for your platforms
  • Developing governance processes that keep your business agile and compliant
  • Integrating extensive software solutions that adhere to your governance and compliance mandates

Effective Compliance
Starts with the
Right Governance Processes

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